16 January, 2019

FIT to sponsor the program “Xuan Tri An 2019” (Spring of tribute -2019) to commemorate over 1700 martyrs in Vi Xuyen – Ha Giang

As one of the sponsors for the program “Xuan Tri An -2019”, FIT Group express our desire to actively contribute to the promotion of growing “Gratitude […]
12 January, 2019

OGSM Roll Out 2019: FIT team commits to achieving 100% of its objectives, to growing FIT ever stronger

Continuing the tradition as previous years, on January 11, 2019, OGSM Roll Out 2019 has been initiated at FIT, being an occasion where the Board of […]
7 January, 2019

FIT sponsors the Seminar themed “Use of leverage in business”

In the morning of January 5, 2019, a seminar themed “Use of leverage in business” took place in Hanoi with sponsor of FIT Group. Focus of […]
5 January, 2019

FIT group and volunteer journey to share love 2018

In 2018, FIT continued to make many journeys to share love, empower and strengthen motivation for thousands of poor patients in major hospitals in Hanoi as […]
3 January, 2019

December 2018 IR Newsletter

The IR Newsletter aims to help Shareholders, Customers, Newspapers, Employees and other interested parties have a panoramic view, from which, give accurate assessment of the F.I.T. […]
2 January, 2019

FIT Beverage to introduce Vikoda Korean Ginseng Bird’s Nest Drink

After nearly 2 months since the release of Vikoda Bird’s Nest, FIT Beverage has continued to introduce to market a more advanced version of Bird’s Nest […]
27 December, 2018

Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Chapter to be co-founder of the Medical Plastics Federation – Vietnam Medical Equipment Association

At the end of December 2018, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical together with a number of reputable medical plastic manufacturing and trading enterprises in Vietnam have received the […]
25 December, 2018

Westfood canned fruit – Step by step to conquer the global market

Manufactured on advanced technology production lines from standard raw materials, Westfood’s canned fruit products have conquered difficult markets such as Europe, America, Japan, Australia and South […]
20 December, 2018

Nootripam 800 – Effective support for the treatment of cognitive impairment

Recognized as bioequivalence together with Nootropil 800, Nootripam 800 of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC acts effectively in treating mild cognitive impairment’s symptoms such as memory loss, […]