18 September, 2018

FIT participated in the charity fair to support poor students in Ha Giang

On 15/09/2018, FIT together with FIT Cosmetics member company participated in charity fair to donate for the Mid-Autumn Festival for the children in Ha Giang.
14 September, 2018

Dr.Clean – One of the product lines that build the brand name of FIT Cosmetics

With a history of more than 10 years, Dr.Clean has made a great contribution to conquering process towards the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market of FIT Cosmetics.
12 September, 2018

FIT Beverage: Explode refreshment, filled with Delightful Joy by Danh Thanh – New Sarsi Flavor

Owning diversified products, to meet different needs of consumers, FIT Beverage is gradually proving its position in the Vietnamese beverage market.
8 September, 2018

FIT Consumer creates a breakthrough with the promotion “Open Cap, Win Big Prize”

The promotion “Open Cap, Win Big Prize” of FIT Consumer has increased the sales of Danh Thanh and Vikoda brands by 15% and helped its revenue grow by 12% over the same period in 2017.
5 September, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN Glass Cleaner – you’re your glass top shine like new

OCLEEN Glass Cleaner is a handy product that removes smears on all kinds of glasses such as clear glass, blur glass, mirror or glassware, formica and stainless steel.
29 August, 2018

Tasty and fresh, full of incredible energy with Danh Thanh new flavor – passion fruit

In August, 2018, in addition to iMen product, FIT Beverage has also improved the formula of Danh Thanh mineral fruit juice – passion fruit flavor to be tastier, more delicious covered by new packaging with more eye-catching design.
22 August, 2018

FIT Beverage: The impressive return of iMen Minerals

In August, 2018, iMen officially got the new look with new packaging and new improved formula: more delicious, more refreshing and stronger power.
20 August, 2018

Westfood launches “Trade Union House” program to help improve housing for workers

"Trade Union House" is one of the activities which have a deep and wide influence, embraces practical meanings and to express the spirit of solidarity, the spirit of “the good leaves protect the worn-out leaves” to laborers in Westfood.
15 August, 2018

FIT Cosmetics: Dr.Kool Kids sponsors ” Children’s Healthcare Program in District 3 – 2018″

On August 11, 2018, Dr.Kool Kids Toothpaste Brand was one of the brands to honorably sponsor the program named Children's Health Care held in Children’s House of District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.