3 March, 2020

Monthly IR Newsletter in Feb 2020

Monthly IR is for the purpose of providing the overview of FIT Group to Investors, Shareholders, Communication and staff then can valuate the true value of […]
12 February, 2020

Interview FIT’s General Director – VTV1 Financial News

General Director of FIT Group participated in an interview on the Business Financial News broadcast at 7am of VTV1 on February 12th , 2020. The morning […]
6 February, 2020

FIT Cosmetic boosts production, distribution and price stabilization Dr.Clean’s price.

Promote production and distribution Clean to consumers. After the outbreak of coronary pneumonia caused by Corona virus, a series of items such as masks, handwash, etc. […]
22 January, 2020

FIT OGSM Roll Out 2020: Centralizing on investing in large potential projects

OGSM has long been a very unique culture at FIT, one of the factors that make the success of FIT Group today. Succeeding the tradition as […]
17 January, 2020

Westfood offers MD2 pineapple at the Phu My Hung Spring Fair

Being the first company in Vietnam to successfully cultivate the variety MD2 pineapple, of which weight is 1.2kg or more. This kind of fruit is tasty, […]
13 January, 2020

Danh Thanh Vikoda celebrated 30 years of establishment

As a long-standing water company in the Vietnamese drinking water market, celebrating 30 years of establishment, Danh Danh Vikoda has set a new record, reaching the […]
26 December, 2019

Investment Manager F.I.T: ‘It’s high time for shareholders attain great fruit from their great effort’

Explaining the low profit but the sharp increase in stock price, Phi Xuan Truong said that the price increase is due to the company’s restructuring of […]
24 December, 2019

90 bilions Vnd of Revenue in 2019 surmised by DCL

Pharimexco’s yield are likely on the way to return to a strong growth cycle since 2018 in accordance with this measurement. As reported by Cuu Long […]
10 December, 2019

Quarterly Letter to Shareholders Q3/2019

FIT Group honor sending Letter to company’s Shareholders Q3/2019. https://fitgroup.com.vn/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Quarterly-Letter-to-Shareholders-Q3.2019-VN_20191028-1.pdf