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25 October, 2019
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As one of the leading and reputable companies in the field of exporting canned fruits of Vietnam, at this Aguna Fair, Westfood has continued to promote the company’s image as well as develop potential market.

Anuga is the world’s leading fair in the field of food industry, held from October 5 to October 9, 2019 in Cologne, Germany, gathering more than 7,500 businesses and attracting more than 165,000 international visitors each period to visit and research products.

Attending the fair is a favorable opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to introduce products to food distributors, companies, businesses operating in the field of hotels and restaurants worldwide and promote for food industry of Vietnam.

In the days of the fair, the number of visitors to visit Vietnam Pavilion in general and Westfood in particular has reached thousands of times. Quality of customers is also highly appreciated, the majority of business guests have a need and a genuine interest in Vietnamese goods.

Westfood boost attracted many visitors

At Anuga Fair, Westfood promoted its products such as mango (Catchu, Kaew), pineapple (Queen, MD2), cocktail, dragon fruit (Red, white), papaya, coconut jelly, baby corn, corn , watermelons … and met, worked with a number of major partners around the world, expected to bring large orders for Westfood in the near future.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Loc – Westfood CEO working with partners

With the estabishment of nearly twenty years operating in the field of canned fruit export, Westfood is trying to make its mark on the international map. Currently, the company has developed the market with major partners in Japan, South Korea and Europe, which are difficult markets, requiring high standards for imported products.

Besides investing in machinery and facilities, Westfood is also researching and developing new product lines to meet the diverse needs of the market, especially the company that is implementing a regional development project. pineapple MD2 material, becoming the first company to successfully grow MD2 pineapple variety in Vietnam.

As a member of FIT Group, along with other companies in the same system, Westfood is constantly striving to make big breakthroughs, becoming one of the leading companies in Vietnam in exporting canned fruits. and is a reputable and well-known partner in the international market.