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12 October, 2019
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19 October, 2019

Aiming towards the sustainable development strategies associated with benefits of the community, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda) has continuously supported the social development activities in the locality and recently sponsored a conference named “Restructure Khanh Hoa tourism aiming towards the sustainable development goal”.

Khanh Hoa province’s Department of Tourism organized the conference “Restructure Khanh Hoa tourism aiming towards the sustainable development goal” in Champa Island with the sponsorship of Vikoda.

Vikoda is a sponsor of the conference on sustainable tourism development in Khanh Hoa.

With huge advantage in tourism, Khanh Hoa has attracted a great volume of both domestic and international tourists, contributing to the creation of jobs and revenues for the locality over the last few years. However, the province also encountered issues in market structure.

In this context, the provincial Department of Tourism held the conference with the hope to listening to and learning from the tourism experts’ analysis and recommendations for sustainable tourism development strategy, aiming towards the target of turning tourism into a spearhead economy sector of Khanh Hoa.

Being a beverage and mineral water manufacturing company with nearly 30-year history of operation and development, Vikoda is fully aware that businesses plays an important role in the sustainable development of the locality, highly support environment protection activities and actively participate in community events in Khanh Hoa.  Therefore, as the sponsor for the conference “Restructure Khanh Hoa tourism aiming towards the sustainable development goal”, Vikoda hopes that local authority and experts will work out the best practice and strategies to develop Khanh Hoa in a sustainable way in the long run, which helps to push the locality’s economic growth and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s economy.

Vikoda has been actively participating and sponsoring the events that bring values for the community.

With the strategic orientation from the parent company FIT group in corporate social responsibility activities towards the comprehensive development of the society and sustainable development goal, since early 2018, Vikoda and other subsidiaries of FIT has actively participate in and sponsor the events that bring practical values for the community like: donating gifts for the poor, delivering free meal for the patients, sponsoring the sports events or contests that promote the initiatives of reducing plastic waste in tourism,… which helps to create positive values for the community and improve locals’ life.