Vikoda sponsors for the launching ceremony encourage people to swim to avoid drowning 2019 in Khanh Hoa province

Vikoda sponsored the 12th sports festival for workers, officials and laborers in Khanh Hoa province 2019
6 June, 2019
Vikoda awarded 20 bicycles to poor students in Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa province
13 June, 2019

As a prestigious and favorite drinking water brand in Central region, and with the history of nearly 30 years establishment and development, Vikoda has been a well-known brand in the drinking water market in Vietnam.

According to statistics every year in Vietnam there are nearly 6,000 people, of which nearly 2,000 children die from drowning. That is, every 100,000 people have 5.9 deaths from drowning. This rate is 10 times higher than that of developing countries, 5.2 times higher than the average of ASEAN countries. The causes of children drowning are children who cannot swim and lack of knowledge and skills to prevent drowning; and also lack of management and supervision of Adults… Therefore, Khanh Hoa province organized a launching ceremony to encourage swimming and avoid drowning 2019 in order to minimize the number of deaths from drowning in the area.

At the ceremony, the Organizing Committee called on the people of the city to actively practice swimming, equipped with knowledge and skills to prevent drowning, especially in teenagers and children. Levels, branches, families, schools and the whole society actively promote their roles and responsibilities in developing the movement to teach swimming, and prevention of drowning, contributing step by step to reduce drowning accidents.

With a history of nearly 30 years of establishment, is one of the strong drinking water brands in Nha Trang and Central and famous for its 100% natural mineral water, Vikoda’s drinking water has always been a favorite choice. in this area. Therefore, Vikoda is always a prestigious brand that sponsors sports activities, major events in the region.

Since becoming a member of the FIT group, not only has the parent company invested in infrastructure, machinery and professional personnel, Vikoda has also spread the spirit of mutual affection from the parent company. However, in recent years, Vikoda has always actively participated in sponsoring social activities, especially sports activities. With a number of domestic sports tournaments such as golf tournaments or other tournaments, Vikoda has become a familiar companion of attendees.

Aiming to become a strong Vietnamese brand, contributing to improve Vietnamese ‘s health and determination to bring Vietnam’s natural mineral water to the world. Infuture, besides researching and developing products quality, Vikoda will continue to accompany many social activities to look for an image of not only an efficient business but also a business towards sustainable development, in accordance with the orientation and practice that FIT delegation set out for all companies in the group.