Vikoda: enhance to promote image in key areas

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18 October, 2019
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22 October, 2019

In the context of fierce competition of the drinking water market, Vikoda has accelerated and promoted image in key areas to strengthen the brand and maintain the market.

With nearly thirty years of establishment, the products of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda) have always been one of the most chosen drinks in the Central region.

The advantage of Vikoda is 100% natural mineral water, with a PH> = 8.5 rare in Vietnam as well as in the world which bring good health to users.

Immediately after becoming a member of FIT Group, Vikoda was invested by the parent company in infrastructure, machinery systems as well as developing new product to meet the diverse needs of markets such as Yen water, amnesty, … changed product design towards modern, friendly image. Therefore, since the end of 2018, Vikoda has achieved good signals in business results.

Vikoda display boost at local shop

With the current growth momentum and in the context of the appearance of many new companies producing drinking water in the market, it has made invisible competition to create fierce competition in this market, and to continue strengthening and maintaining the market, Vikoda has boldly invested in building company image in key areas.

Images of items such as umbrellas, product display shelves … with the brand name Vikoda covered throughout the central provinces have shown the efforts and determination of the leadership as well as the employees of the company to make Vikoda becoming strong brand in Vietnamese drinking market.