Tasty and fresh, full of incredible energy with Danh Thanh new flavor – passion fruit

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22 August, 2018
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5 September, 2018

In August, 2018, in addition to iMen product, FIT Beverage has also improved the formula of Danh Thanh mineral fruit juice – passion fruit flavor to be tastier, more delicious covered by new packaging with more eye-catching design.

In the recent years, Vietnam beverage market is clearly changing as consumers increasingly prefer to use beverage products which are made from natural raw materials. The beverage now not only is a drink but also needs to be good for health.

Danh Thanh mineral water – passion fruit flavor is one of the products produced entirely from natural materials and has received positive feedbacks from consumers and is always in the Top 5 best-selling products of FIT Beverage in the past years. This is a product line which has unique and harmonious combination between 100% natural mineral water containing the beneficial micro-mineral (Na, Ca, Mg, etc.) and Da Lat’s passion fruit essence – super tasty, fresh and full of vitamin C. The product will give your body and spirit full of incredible energy in daily life and meet up the increasing demand for quality products of consumers, help FIT Beverage build and strengthen its brand in the market.

With the goal of continuously bringing the best quality products to consumers, FIT Beverage constantly improves the design and quality of products to keep up with trends as well as meet the increasing demand of consumers. Beside iMen, FIT Beverage has also improved the Danh Thanh mineral fruit juice to be tastier, more delicious along with new packaging and eye-catching design. With the volume upgraded from 350ml up to 430ml, the consumers can enjoy this yummy mineral fruit juice in a more refreshing way.

The main message used by FIT Beverage for Danh Thanh passion fruit flavor is “Tasty and Fresh, Full of Incredible Energy”. This is also the message to express the general nature of the Danh Thanh’s product lines, that is to bring consumers deliciousness, refreshing feeling when using the product thanks to the fact that all Danh Thanh’s mineral fruit juices are made 100% of natural mineral water source containing beneficial micro minerals added with fresh fruit essences so that the body will always feel refreshing and full of energy. This formula innovation of Danh Thanh passion fruit flavor is one of the moves to show the company’s commitment to bring the best value to customers and consumers.
Since becoming a member of FIT Group, FIT Beverage has achieved a number of significant breakthroughs through strategies of product innovation and development in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Oriented as one of the key investment sectors of the Group, the Board of Directors and all FIT Beverage’s employees are constantly working to make the company one of the leading beverage companies in Vietnam, contributing to raise the Vietnamese brand and for the health of the Vietnamese.