OGSM Roll Out 2019: FIT team commits to achieving 100% of its objectives, to growing FIT ever stronger

FIT sponsors the Seminar themed “Use of leverage in business”
7 January, 2019
FIT to sponsor the program “Xuan Tri An 2019” (Spring of tribute -2019) to commemorate over 1700 martyrs in Vi Xuyen – Ha Giang
16 January, 2019

Continuing the tradition as previous years, on January 11, 2019, OGSM Roll Out 2019 has been initiated at FIT, being an occasion where the Board of Directors of the company as well as the departments in the Group look back on the results achieved in 2018 and since then have better preparation for the 2019 plan.

For a long time at FIT, the OGSM Roll Out event has become an important ceremony at the beginning of the year. This is not only an event for leaders and all employees of the company to analyze and review the achieved results in previous year, set the foundation for a more careful new year’s plan to increase the feasibility of the objectives, but this particularly also an occasion where company leaders determine the right direction for the development of FIT Group both in short and long term. In addition, the OGSM ceremony at the early of the year is also an opportunity for FIT to ignite the flame of determination and the connection of this strong team who always aim at the common goal of develop FIT greater. That is the reason why with the persistent efforts of all departments in the company the goals at FIT are all completed in accordance with commitments year by year. It can be said that during more than a decade of establishment and development, OGSM has become an indispensable part, an effective tool in strategic development of the company, and is an important factor in the development of FIT today.

At the OGSM ceremony this year, once again, the FIT team continued to chant the slogan: “I, we pledge to be fully aware of and to accomplish our goals” as a strong commitment from the Board of Directors to the company’s staffs of determination to fulfill 100% of the objectives, contributing to building an ever-growing FIT Group. They are all for reaching the goal of becoming an Investment Group that operates effectively as well as enhance value to shareholders through a wide range of investment products, quality portfolio and professional human resource.

With the tireless efforts of a cohesive team, the year of 2019 is expected to be a year where the whole FIT will achieve many successes as planned, continue to bring FIT to be not only a strong Group in business operation but also a corporation that persistently performances high responsibility for the sustainable development of the country, and is a company with a worth-working environment.