Nootripam 800 – Effective support for the treatment of cognitive impairment

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Recognized as bioequivalence together with Nootropil 800, Nootripam 800 of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC acts effectively in treating mild cognitive impairment’s symptoms such as memory loss, dizziness, poor concentration or lack of awareness.

Nootripam 800 is a product of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company with the main ingredient is Piracetam 800mg, formed in tablet. It acts to treat cognitive impairment’s symptoms such as dyslexia in children; memory loss, dizziness, poor concentration, or lack of awareness, mood swings, behavioral disorders, poor self-esteem, dementia due to multifocal cerebral infarction . In addition, Nootripam 800 is also used as an adjunct medication to myoclonus of cortical origin, acute ischemic stroke, sickle cell anemia, dizziness and alcoholism.

Image of Nootripam 800 of Cuu Long

Based on a total of 19 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies from 1972 to 2001 on patients with cognitive impairment or dementia aged 44 to 84 (The number of participants in the study n = 1,418) with a dose of piracetam – the main component of Nootripam 800 from 2.4 to 8g/day for 6 to 52 weeks, there were 64% of patients using piracetam and 34% using placebo improved their condition. The difference in the improvement of treatment effectiveness was statistically significant between the two groups (p <0.001).

Nootripam 800 has been recognized as bioequivalent to Nootropil 800 according to Decision No. 1471/QD-BYT of the Ministry of Health. This is the result of efforts in continuously improving the quality of products of the Board of Directors and all staff of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical, helping Cuu Long step by step improve its position and enhance the brand in the pharmaceutical market. It is also a platform to promote the development of Nootripam 800 product to major hospitals in Vietnam.

Since becoming a subsidiary of FIT Group, receiving the investment and strategic planning from FIT parent company, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has made great strides in improving product quality as well as changing the design to be more modern and better matched with the needs of consumers. In the coming time, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical will continue to focus on optimizing its production capacity, researching new products with improved quality to serve the needs of treatment, completing the mission of connecting and improving the lives of the Vietnamese community through optimal health care, which is highly valued by the staffs, patients and partners of the company.