TSC AGM: Restructuring towards focusing on resources and good businesses
20 April, 2019
FIT AGM: Group restructuring process is gradually being completed
26 April, 2019

Following the series of golf tournaments organized by VGA in 2019, FIT continues to become the official sponsor for the National High Middle Age Golf tournament 2019.

With the aim of creating a playground and providing professional rubbing opportunities for middle-aged golfers, exchanging and improving the spirit of solidarity and promoting the common development of the un professional golf group, National High Middle Age Golf tournament is organized by Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) and Vietnam Golf Communication Services Joint Stock Company (VGS Media).

Following 2018 – the first year that VSC changed regulations and have the participation of middle-aged women golfers, this year VSC continue to have the competition of female golfers to bring to the multicolored tournament, new colors and more interesting for the tournament.

With the orientation towards the common development of the whole society, FIT always actively participates in meaningful social and sports activities, bringing much value to the community. In addition to sponsoring sports tournaments, FIT and group members always try their best to participate in other social activities such as free medical examination, charity delivery, talk show activities for young people, …. Understanding the responsibilities of businesses for society, the Board of Directors and all FIT will continue to participate and accompany more with charity programs and social activities, contributing to the improvement and improve the lives of Vietnamese people.