Cuu Long Pharmaceutical and the prospect of hollow capsule production market in Vietnam
20 September, 2018
FIT continues to offer 850 free meals to impoverished patients at the National Institute of Burns and K Hospital
27 September, 2018

“The Full Moon Festival” where FIT is one of the sponsors has partly given the children a sense of spiritual joy, made them feel the warmth of love in a full moon night with full of laughter.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a beautiful childhood memory of many generations, but with the disadvantaged children in Ha Giang, having this kind of small fun is not that  easy because the living conditions here is extremely tough and inadequate. Understanding the situation of the impoverished children, with the desire to bring love and sincere help to children in Ha Giang province, on 22/09/2018, FIT contributed to the expense for the organization of the program “The Full Moon Festival” for children at Che La Primary School, Che La Commune, Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province. The entire fund for the program was donated from charity fair held on 15/09/2018 at No. 1 Ho Thien Quang, Hanoi.

Children in Che La Commune, Xin Man District, Ha Giang Province

The program “Full Moon Festival” with interesting performances such as meeting with the Moon Lady (chị Hằng), Cuoi, watching the lion dance, eating traditional Mid-Autumn specialities, exchanging art has partly brought to children here emotional support, made them feel the warmth of love in a full moon night with full of laughter.

The bustling atmosphere of the program “Full Moon Festival” at Che La Primary School

For children living in highland area like Ha Giang, these activities may only bring the comfort and partly shares with respect to many disadvantages that they are suffering, but at least in this Mid-Autumn, their smiles have been brighter and happier. And with many meaningful gifts, the children here will have more faith and energy to strive for life.

In addition to charity activities in Ha Giang province, from the beginning of 2018 to present, FIT and member companies have also made many meaningful trips to share love to the community such as giving gifts to the elderly and disabled children in Thuy An, Ba Vi; donations to support the costs of treatment for two children with cancer at the National Institute of Hematology; visiting and presenting gifts for the children at Lepper Colony in Phu Binh Thai Nguyen and Soc Son, donating to autistic children with painting talents, etc. In the coming time, FIT and its member companies will continue to accompany with more meaningful community activities to become a business which not only does business effectively but also to be a community-driven enterprise.