FIT sponsored the “Warm clothes for the mountainous areas” program in Lao Cai and Yen Bai.

FIT supported the healthcare program for 400 poor households in Lao Cai province
25 December, 2017
750 free meals were given by FIT Group at K3 Tan Kieu Hospital and the National Institute of Burns – The poor patients felt the warmth
5 January, 2018

Following the monthly volunteer activities, in December, FIT Group sponsored the “Warm clothes for the mountainous areas”, gave presents to nearly 500 pupils of Coc Ly Thuong Primary School, Coc Ly commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province and poor households in Hung Khanh commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province.

Coc Ly Thuong Primary School is a school in one of the poorest communes in Lao Cai. Up to 70% of the pupils live in poverty, lack of food, lack of clothes, no drinking water. In the morning, the children have to starve themselves, go to school early through the winding road 7-10km far from the school. The facilities at school are very inadequate: the kitchen of the day-boarding school is temporary, the road leading to the school is difficult to walk, in the winter many students walk with their barefoot and stoop in thin clothes in the chilly wind.

The people of Hung Khanh commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province are mainly H’mong minorities, the road to the village is very difficult, their lives are short of both material and spirit, they live alone in the remote wilderness forest. Thus, FIT’s ” Warm clothes for the mountainous areas” program, cooperating with volunteer groups at these sites, is not just about material but it also brings a lot of good spiritual values, helping the students and the people overcome the cold winter, in order to motivate students to study better.

The gifts sent by FIT are small but warm hearted and compassionate with the message for a better and more developed community.

With the great significance of the programs, FIT will continue to accompany and support the organization of more meaningful and practical programs to help people with difficult circumstances in all regions of the country, and thereby contribute to express the responsibility of the Group for the development of the whole society.