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14 June, 2018
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21 June, 2018

On 15/6/2018, FIT’s collective has enthusiastically participated in blood donation activity called ” Grateful Pink Drops – Give all love ” as a noble gesture, contribute to the blood source which is always scarce in the hospitals.

During 11 years of development, the Board of Directors of FIT has always upheld the spirit of humanity, compassion and cooperation for the development of the community. This idea has been instilled in every individual of FIT through each generation. Therefore, when receiving the calling to participate in blood donation program “Grateful Pink Drop – Give all love”, all staffs of FIT have actively responded by their attendances.

Humanitarian blood donation is a noble gesture that spreads love and bonds with the community, expressing deeply the doctrine of “Do as you would done by”. At the Blood Donation Festival, “Grateful Pink Drop – Give all love”, smiles and joys are always presented on FIT’s individual faces since they can use their blood to save others.

In addition to its humanitarian donation efforts, since the beginning of 2018, FIT and its affiliates have been actively involved in many other meaningful social activities such as distributing charitable meal portions to patients at local hospitals in Hanoi; presenting gifts to the elderly and disabled children in Thua Thien-Hue, Ba Vi; donating to support the costs of treatment for two children with cancer at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion; visiting and delivering gifts to the elderly at the Phu Binh leper colony- Thai Nguyen and Soc Son leper colony etc. These are also the commitments of FIT in the implementation of corporate social responsibility, towards becoming a business which is not only the efficiently operating business but also a community-driven enterprise.