2019 Apr IR Newsletter
6 May, 2019
Vikoda sponsors for the sandy race Mui Dinh Challenge 2019
7 May, 2019

Following the monthly meal distribution activities, in April, FIT together with the charity group Hoa Chum Ngay, donated more than 750 meals for patients at Tan Trieu K3 Hospital and National Burn Institute.

Activities of distributing meal to patients at some hospitals in Hanoi have become routine activities of FIT Group. Participating in these meaningful charitable activities has helped the Board of Directors as well as all FIT employees deeply felt the difficulties of the patients when they have to deal with disease and thereby want to share, spiritual encouragement for patients and families. Although the value of each meal is not materially large, this is a spiritual gift to help patients and families to overcome difficulties and overcome disease.

Through the implementation of voluntary activities in some hospitals, the Board of Directors of FIT not only wishes to spread the spirit of “mutual affection” to all employees but also show a commitment to implement corporate responsibility for a better community, thereby contributing to preserving and promoting the humanistic values ​​of the nation.