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11 May, 2018
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16 May, 2018

On May 5th, 2018, FIT Group teamed up with the Mindfulness-Based Transformation charity group (MT) organized free medical examination, gift giving and free medicine distribution for about 1,000 ethnic minority people in Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province.

Starting from 7 a.m, volunteer team of FIT and MT group was present at Hoa Binh Pagoda, Group 1, Cau Ke Townlet, Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh Province to start the free medical examination, gift giving and free medicine distribution for 1000 ethnic minority people in difficult circumstances.

In this volunteer activity, FIT and its member companies along with the MT gave 1000 gifts of essential necessities, Vikoda drinking water, 300 pieces of educational stationary for children, bicycle for studious children, wheelchairs for the elderly with disabilities, wag wheels for the disabled selling lottery tickets as well as specific medicine that is appropriate for each one’s health.

It is known that 30% of the people are Khmer people, most of the people live mainly on agricultural crops and being hired, their lives are unstable, many families have difficulties in life, they even do not have money for treatment when having diseases. Therefore, this volunteer activity is a very meaningful work, motivating the spirit and supporting some practical material, helping local people to get access to health care, children to be equipped with some learning materials.

Aware of the responsibility of enterprises for the community and the development of the whole society, from the beginning of 2018 to now, FIT and its subsidiaries have carried out many meaningful activities such as giving charity meals to patients in hospitals in Hanoi, giving presents to the elderly and disabled children in Thuy An, Ba Vi; donating to support the costs of treatment for a father and his child with cancer at the National Institute of Hematology; visiting and offering gifts for the elderly at Phong Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen and Soc Son leprosy camps; etc. The free medical examination of F.I.T and its member companies, in collaboration with the MT group, not only expresses the spirit of “The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”, sharing love but also demonstrates the commitment that the Board of Directors has guided.

A few photos of the program: