December 2018 IR Newsletter
3 January, 2019
FIT sponsors the Seminar themed “Use of leverage in business”
7 January, 2019

In 2018, FIT continued to make many journeys to share love, empower and strengthen motivation for thousands of poor patients in major hospitals in Hanoi as well as people with difficult circumstances throughout the country.

Since its establishment, in addition to the goal of developing business activities, FIT Group is also known as one of the corporations that constantly put efforts into activities aiming for the common development of community. Annually, along with member companies, FIT conducts many humanitarian journeys such as medical examination and treatment and gift giving, free medicine distribution for people in remote areas; giving Tet presents to the poor; visiting and giving gifts to the elderly and disabled children; donating to support costs for disadvantaged situations; blood donation; sponsoring poor children who are studious, etc. These activities have brought practical effects to areas where FIT arrived. They are also vivid examples proving for the humanity and deep compassion of the commitment to the community of the Board of Directors and all employees of FIT.

Photos of several journeys to share love of FIT and member companies made in 2018

 Following the series of volunteer activities in 2018, in 2019, the Board of Directors and the FIT group will continue to implement and expand many other meaningful activities, with the desire to join hands and contribute to improving the life and health of the community.

In addition to the goal of becoming a Group which not only does business effectively, adding value to shareholders through a wide range of investment advisory products and quality portfolio, in the coming time, FIT Group will also continue to make efforts into completing the mission for sustainable development of the society. By promoting corporate responsibility for common development, FIT Group will continue to promote the implementation of many social programs, embracing humanity values ​​and contribute to the development of the country’s growth.