FIT donated charitable rice portions for more than 800 patients in Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns

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21 June, 2018
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2 July, 2018

As part of a series of monthly charitable activities, on June 26, 2018, FIT has continued to cooperate with Moringa Flower (Hoa Chùm Ngây) Volunteer Group to donate 850 rice portions at Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns.

Once a month, FITer volunteers are all eager to the charity meal donation program organized in hospitals within Hanoi area because this is not only a monthly meaningful charity activity but also embraced itself with profound humanity which have always been being supported by FIT collective.

From 16h45, 850 hot charitable rice portions had been available at Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns. Although they are not valued much in terms of money, each meal offered by FIT in collaboration with the Moringa Flower Volunteer Group to these two hospitals was a practical gift, helps to share partly of difficult circumstances of each impoverished patient in the battle against diseases.

Since the beginning of 2018, FIT and its affiliates have been actively involved in many social activities such as presenting gifts to the elders at leper colonies in Thai Nguyen and Soc Son, providing free health check-ups to needy people in Tra Ving, visiting and delivering presents to elders and disabled children Ba Vi, making donation for cancer patients in Hanoi.

In particular, the activity of giving meals at hospitals is one of the volunteer activities that FIT Board of Directors has guided and committed to carry out monthly to spread the spirit of mutual affection to all staffs of the company, as well as showing the responsibility of the company to the community and for the overall development of society.