FIT donated 850 charitable rice portions Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns

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As part of a series of monthly charitable activities, on May 22, 2018, FIT has continued to cooperate with Moringa Flower (Hoa Chùm Ngây) Volunteer Group to donate 850 rice portions at Hanoi National Cancer Hospital K3 and National Institute of Burns.

Starting from 16h45, 850 charitable portions had been delivered freely by Moringa Flower’s and FITer- volunteers to disadvantaged patients in K3 Hospital and National Institute of Burns, Hanoi. This meaningful activity was received not only high expectations from patients in hospitals, but also a great supports and responses from large number of FIT’s employees.

FIT’s charity program with co-ordination from Moringa Flower group is carried out every month. The participation in these meaningful and practical volunteering activities has enabled the Board and all FIT staff to deeply experience the difficulties of the patients in dealing with illness and thereby evoke the willing to share and encourage the spirit of patients and their families.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Linh, 60 years old, from Ha Nam province, suffering from cancer treatment at K3 Hospital said: “We are here means the people who have been given ‘death sentence’. We are not only get disease but also are so poor, so having daily meal are all thanks to the kind hearts.”

In addition to monthly charity work, other social activities have been actively taken part in by FIT and its member companies in many areas such as health care for poor people, presents for the elderly and children with disabilities, donations to patients with cancer etc., This is the strategic direction that the company set out in parallel with business development goals, from which It contributes to improving the living and bringing meaning to the whole society.