FIT Cosmetics with biotechnology achievements in modern life

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14 June, 2018
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Biotechnology means self-producing the products on an industrial scale, in which direct and determinant factors are living cells (microorganisms, plants, animals), from which bring forth to “green-clean” and life-friendly products.

When life is getting “unsecured

According to the reports based on existing information on the burden of disease associated with chemicals through the air, water environment, occupational exposure and direct eating and drinking, these data showed that in the period 2010-2014, the country recorded 859 cases of food poisoning with more than 27,000 people being affected, including nearly 22,000 cases being hospitalized and 186 deaths. As the result, it’s calculated that on average, there are about 170 cases with nearly 7,000 people are poisoned and 37 people died due to toxic chemicals every year.

Do you know the main ingredients of these detergents are chemicals and only 10% are recognized as safe to our health? If we do not change the using habits, we are the very people who accidentally take poison from the products we use daily.

Achievements of biotechnology

The usage of biological cleansers as a substitute for chemical detergents is a good habit, a simple but effective way to protect the environment, and is advised by health experts and environmental specialists.

Fit Cosmetics brought forth to the following product lines: TERO Neutral Liquid Detergent, TERO Dishwashing Liquid with 100% natural cleansing enzyme; Dr.Clean Bio-Hand Gel contains 100% Natural Nano Cucurmin which is able to clean quickly 99.99% of harmful bacteria; Herbal Toothpaste Dr.KOOL and so on. These products bring much more benefits to consumers and contribute to building a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

According to a report released by The Window research company, based on the opinion of 300 households after using the test sample, more than 95% of consumers felt the product did not cause dryness or peeling of the skin, safeguard even the hands of sensitive skin people. Following the report, 90% of households have experienced and trusted the ability to remove grease and the smell of fishes of these products. In addition, more than 85% of the households enjoy the natural fruit scent of TERO and Dr. Clean.

The difference of TERO and Dr.Clean in comparison to other products is that it possesses natural detergent enzymes with neutral pH that are not irritating, have been tested safely at prestigious institutes. They do not cause the feeling of uncomfortable and dry after cleansing. At the same time, the products have done their job as cleanser at best, which saves water and do not leave unpleasant odors.

TERO Bio-Dishwashing Liquid and Dr.Clean Bio-Hand Gel are now available at grocery stores and supermarkets across the country. The products are in the efforts of FIT COSMETICS Joint Stock Company for the purpose of bringing clean products contributing to green and safe life to consumers.

Following the criteria such as the quality of products and services preferred by consumers, the outstanding values ​​of products and services, positive contributions to the economy and society as well as the position of the company on the domestic and international market has helped FIT COSMETICS brand to be honored TOP 10 of the 100 famous national brands in 2018.

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