FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN multi-purpose cleansing spray – Challenges stubborn stains

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13 July, 2018
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OCLEEN Multi-purpose Cleansing Spray with Super Clean Cleansing Technology from FIT Cosmetics will definitely be an effective and convenient solution for housewives.

Grease on the kitchen equipment is an obsession for every housewife. The kitchen is a place to deliver delicious meals to the family. Therefore, keeping the kitchen clean and hygiene is very important. However, during cooking and using kitchen utensils, grease, food and stains can stick together, and when it lasts for long periods these stains will become tough and difficult to clean with ordinary cleaners. In order to dislodge these tough stains housewives have wasted a lot of time, because if they are not cleaned often, the quality of equipment will be decreased and makes the kitchen space less aesthetically pleasing.

Applying the Super Clean cleansing technology, OCLEEN multi-purpose cleansing spray from FIT Cosmetics effortlessly removes stubborn stains, cleans and shines all surfaces of the after-used kitchen appliances and also dislodge stubborn stains in equipment which cannot be removed easily by normal cleaners. Especially, the OCLEEN multi-purpose spray is designed to be extremely convenient to use and store, giving the shiny new look to the kitchen, and making housework quicker and easier.

This product can be used with various appliances such as surface of gas stove, induction cooktop, kitchen table, dining table, sink, microwave, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances or utensils.

FIT Cosmetics’s OCLEEN line is well-known for its revolutionary lineup thanks for Super Clean active technology including floor cleaners, glass cleaners, multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom drainage, sewer cleaning, toilets, etc., to meet the diverse demands of consumers; enables FIT Cosmetics to fulfill the mission of connecting and improving the health of Vietnamese consumers. At the same time, with the investment and strategic planning from FIT parent company, FIT Cosmetics has been actively researching to launch more valuable products, aiming to become the one of the 05 Leading prestige and trusted companies in the Vietnam’s market.