FIT Cosmetics: OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- Remarkable cleaning power thanks to Super Clean technology.

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11 June, 2018
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13 June, 2018

OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner- a product from the OCLEEN lines of FIT Cosmetics contains a remarkable cleaning power that clear bad stuff in your drains of toilet, bathroom sink up in no time, deliver you with a cleaning house.

The smell from the sewers, the smell from the toilet, the unpleasant smell from the sink and so on are always the obsession of housewives. Not to mention, detergents like soap, food waste, grease, hair, paper, etc., when being washed down to the drain, build up layers of residue then cause clogs, stagnation and stink. If the drain is not unclogged, it is favorable environment for mold and bacteria then irritate the daily life of the whole family.

Most of the consumer in the market now uses powder drain cleaner to handle these conditions. However, in the case of tough clogs, many powder drain cleaners do not effectively finish their jobs and also waste a lot of time of housewives.

OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner

Using OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner – the product from FIT Cosmetics is the perfect solution for housewives. With superior cleaning power thanks to Super Clean technology, OCLEEN Liquid drain cleaner reacts quickly to any clog from sewer, toilet or sink, eliminates all stubborn stains, residues, and dirt as well as cleans all bacteria without damaging the pipes.

With the desire to take care of and protect the Vietnamese families’ health, beside the liquid drain cleaner, OCLEEN also has many other products such as floor cleaner, glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet breach and so on in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The application of Super Clean cleaning technology into this product line promises to make a strong breakthrough in the Vietnamese market, makes OCLEEN to become an indispensable companion of housewives, contributes to the fulfill its mission in connecting and improving the health of Vietnamese consumers. In order to do that, FIT Cosmetics’ Board of Directors and all the company’s employees will endeavor to launch more diverse and valuable products,  promises to make further strides towards reaching  the Top 05 Enterprises with prestige and credibility in accordance with the orientation that FIT Group – parent company has oriented.