FIT Cosmetics: More convenient, more economical with the TERO neutral liquid detergent pouch

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2 October, 2018
September 2018 IR Newsletter
5 October, 2018

In addition to the 1.8kg or 3.8kg plastic bottle packaging, housewives will now have new option with a neutral liquid detergent Tero coming in packaging pouch that save your money while keeping your laundry clean and ensure family caring.

Tero neutral liquid detergent is a product of FIT Cosmetics, which is favored by consumers for their superior cleaning ability with Ultra Clean technology. This technology enable Tero to be rapidly dissolved in water and easily absorbed in each fiber, triple the efficiency of “softening” process and stain removing power in compared to normal laundry detergent. With a pH of 7 that is equivalent to the pH of pure water, Tero neutral liquid detergents help housewives solve the problem of dryness or peeling of the hands after use, while keep the clothes clean, avoiding corrosion which causes aesthetic failure.

Overcoming many weaknesses of normal laundry detergent, Tero neutral liquid detergent has met the stringent requirements set by housewives and has become one of the most famous brands of FIT Cosmetics today. At the moment, Tero neutral liquid detergent is available in a 1.6kg packaging pouch, which is more convenient, economical and give housewives secured feeling in taking care the families.

Tero neutral 1.6kg packaging pouch

With the desire to produce products which are not only have cleaning function but also safe, applied green technology to create products to protect the health of consumers and protect the environment, Tero neutral liquid detergent is expected to become the Top 5 brands in the laundry industry in Vietnam and a trusted companion in the lives of all Vietnamese families. In particular, with the investment and strategic planning from FIT parent company, besides the Tero neutral liquid detergent, FIT Cosmetics will strive to provide consumers with superior value products and services, help FIT Cosmetics complete the mission of connecting and improving the lives of Vietnamese consumers.