FIT Cosmetic boosts production, distribution and price stabilization Dr.Clean’s price.

FIT OGSM Roll Out 2020: Centralizing on investing in large potential projects
22 January, 2020
FIT accompanies by the project “The school on the cloud”, building schools for poor children in Quang Nam
10 February, 2020

Promote production and distribution Clean to consumers.

After the outbreak of coronary pneumonia caused by Corona virus, a series of items such as masks, handwash, etc. became scarc, prices pushed up due to the rising demand of the people. In that situation, F.I.T Group immediately convened a meeting to propose measures to promote the production and distribution of Dr.Clean – Hand washing liquid products preferred by consumers for more than 10 years now.

All employees of FIT Cosmetics, member companies of F.I.T Group,  determined to race against time and increase working hours to ensure Dr. Clean come soon to consumers. In addition to focusing on distribution, communication activities, especially communication to agents and distributors to focus on preventing the goods hoarding and pushing prices. F.I.T Group is a corporation with a philosophy of serving the community with good products, for public health and always upholding social responsibility. That’s why F.I.T Group has researched and developed Dr. Hand sanitizer products. Clean with a unique formula, which effectively eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria, protecting you and your family. This is also a product with lotion ingredients to help your skin soft after use.