FIT Consumer creates a breakthrough with the promotion “Open Cap, Win Big Prize”

August 2018 IR Newsletter
5 September, 2018
FIT Beverage: Explode refreshment, filled with Delightful Joy by Danh Thanh – New Sarsi Flavor
12 September, 2018

The promotion “Open Cap, Win Big Prize” of FIT Consumer has increased the sales of Danh Thanh and Vikoda brands by 15% and helped its revenue grow by 12% over the same period in 2017.

Launched from May 15, 2018 to the end of July 31, 2018, the promotion “Open Cap, Win Big Prize” has attracted a large number of consumers from all regions of the country to participate in. This is a big promotion program, which is part of FIT Consumer and FIT Beverage brand development series to promote sales of Danh Thanh, Vikoda and iMen brands, contributed partly to the winning of soft drinks market of these brands in this summer.

At the end of the program, thousands of customers have received valuable gifts such as Sony 49″ Smart TV, Samsung J7 Prime, phone cards. At the same time, after this promotion, the sales volume of Danh Thanh, Vikoda and iMen brands grew by 15% and the revenue rose by 12% over the same period of 2017. This is the result of a proper strategy, together with the efforts of the FIT Consumer and FIT Beverage team from market research, business strategy development and social media works. Especially, the broadcasting of TVC “Open Cap, Win Big Prize” on VTV1 has contributed to the spreading of the program to a large number of consumers nationwide.

Standing in front of thousands of beverages on the market, for a long time, FIT Consumer has been trusted by consumers, especially the soft drink brands such as Danh Thanh and Vikoda which have been well-known for over 40 years of history of 100% natural mineral water with many health benefits. Through the promotion of “Open Cap, Win Big Prize”, the images of brands including Danh Thanh, Vikoda, iMen have been strengthened in the subconscious of consumers, thereby creating a foundation to help FIT Consumer and FIT Beverage promote and affirm its position in the beverage market in Vietnam.

With investment and strategic planning from FIT parent company, FIT Consumer together with FIT Beverage have been constantly striving to provide consumers with more diverse and valuable products, contributes to the care and improvement of Vietnamese health.

Some pictures of award ceremony from the program: