FIT appoints Director of Investment and Director of Legal Department

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4 May, 2018
FIT 2018 AGM: Restructuring the business towards sustainable value for shareholders
4 May, 2018

On the afternoon of April 23, 2018, FIT Group held a ceremony to announce and appoint Mr. Pham Xuan Truong promoted as the Director of Investment and Ms. Bui Hong Hanh officially assumed the position of Director of Legal Department.

The decision-making and promotion of senior staffs at the Group has shown the Board’s interest in the company’s employees, always prioritizing the appointment of internal personnel for higher positions and thereby encourage employees to strive to improve their knowledge and skills to be ready to assume senior positions at the corporation. This is also a strategy for human resource development that the company has set and pursued since the start of the company.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet – General Director of the company gave some speeches and handed over the appointment decision to Ms. Bui Hong Hanh and Mr. Phi Xuan Truong. Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet also expressed her expectation in the new position, Ms. Hanh and Mr. Truong will continue to develop their capacity as well as enthusiasm together with the Board and FIT staff to build FIT increasingly developed.

Prior to his appointment as Legal Director, Bui Hong Hanh had more than two years of experience as Legal Manager of the company. Since joining FIT to date, with pratical experiences and broad knowledge, Ms. Bui Hong Hanh has made great contributions to finishing and perfecting the Group’s legal process and regulations, great contributions to the Group’s major projects as well as successfully completed the coordination with other companies in the same system to ensure compliance with the laws of the State.

Joining FIT since 2014, with more than four years of experiences at FIT, Mr Phi Xuan Truong has constanly been learning and made great contributions in consulting the management of the company in the major investment projects of the Group. With the knowledge and long experience in the fields of accounting, auditing, investment consulting as well as the spirit of progress, from the position of Investment Specialist, Mr. Truong has been highly appreciated by the Board of Management and has been promoted to Deputy Director of Investment in early 2017. After nearly a year as Deputy Director of Investment, Mr. Truong continued to demonstrate his ability and dedication, and completely convinced the Board of Directors of the company deserves the position of Director of Investment.

Besides the promotion ceremony for Ms. Bui Hong Hanh and Mr. Phi Xuan Truong, the company also handed over the appointment decision to Ms. Vu Thanh Hue to the position of the Board Secretary Supervisor.

Respecting people and appreciating the right people is the number one priority at FIT. Therefore, the Board of Directors always prioritizes and expands the promotion opportunities for its employees as well as its member companies. Understanding the importance of developing high quality human resources associated with training for improving business performance of business, FIT Board of Directors have always placed quality human resources as the focus of the company’s development strategy, to make FIT not only an effective investment group, increasing value for shareholders through a diversified portfolio of investment advisory services, quality portfolio, but also a corporation with the orientation of professional development.