FIT and group members sponsored for the medical examination, giving medicine and gift charity program in Lam Dong

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8 April, 2019
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18 April, 2019

On 13th and 14th of April, FIT and group members have co-sponsored the program of medical examination and treatment, giving gifts to more than 700 ethnic people in Do K’No commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. The program is organized by the Group MT and Tu Hue Volunteer Medical Association.

Dung K’No has 95% of the Co Ho Cil ethnic group – commune III is the most difficult area of ​​Lam Dong province. Currently, the commune has 200 poor households, take 44.47%, in the commune, mainly depend on agriculture, growing coffee, receiving contracts for forest care and protection, livestock and poultry raising. There is still a shortage of productive land, or it is not possible to switch from growing coffee to other crops for higher economic values ​​such as vegetables, fruits and industrial tree. Although the percentage of poor households has improved, the level of income difference between poor and very poor is still high, and no accumulation makes access to medical facilities. Many villages are more than 10km away from the commune center, there is no concrete road, the rainy season is only a walk, there are small areas of village 4 far away, extremely difficult to travel, even though 100% of the people T has health insurance, but travel is a challenge and a burden for them.

Sympathize with the difficulties of ethnic people in Dong K’Noi commune and with the desire to contribute to social activities, FIT and group members such as: DCL, FIT Cosmetics and Khanh Hoa mineral water Vikoda has been participating in sponsoring medicine and necessities for the children of Đưng K’Nơ.

Medical examination and treatment for poor people in remote provinces is one of practical social activities implemented by FIT and group members accompany with MT Group from the end of 2016 up to now. In each area, FIT and MT have arrived, people have extremely difficult and needy lives, have no access to health services, so the medical examination and treatment program has always been appreciated by FIT Board of Director with the purpose to contribute to improve health care conditions and improving living standards for poor people.

In addition to the medical examination and treatment activities, along with MT, FIT and group members s are always actively participating in voluntary activities such as giving meals to patients at some hospitals in Hanoi, sponsoring community sports activities, … In future, FIT and its subsidiaries will continue to make more journeys of share love, contributing to build community and for common development of society.