Dr. Kool Panda Clean Toothbrush: Keep children teeth strong and shiny

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27 February, 2019
2019 February IR Newsletter
28 February, 2019

Oral hygiene in early age has an important impact on the oral health of children until adulthood. Therefore, choosing the right type of toothbrush, encouraging children to brush their teeth every day to have strong and shiny teeth are always a priority for Vietnamese parents.

According to studies of dental experts, it is the excess sugar in food and bacteria in the child’s mouth that causes tooth decay. When combined, they form plaque on the teeth. If you do not brush your teeth every day, plaque bacteria will release harmful acids, destroy tooth enamel and create tooth decay, at the same time, build tartar which causes gingivitis (red, swollen and bleeding gums), periodontal disease and even tooth loss if not treated promptly. Therefore, parents in Vietnam always pay attention on selecting an appropriate type of toothbrush scientifically regarding to the age of children, encourage them to brush their teeth every day to have a really strong and shiny teeth.


Dr.Kool Panda Clean toothbrush from FIT Cosmetics JSC produced on the process with modern technology is one of the products prioritized by parents. With super soft bristle, brush head designed with small and thin shape, the toothbrush is easy to crept into every interdental. Dr.Kool Panda Clean cleans plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay effortlessly without hurting children’s gums. Especially, with adorable panda shapes, funny and eye-catching color choices, Dr.Kool Panda Clean seahorse toothbrush will make children love brushing and brushing teeth more often.

As one of the prestigious names in the market of personal care, especially for children’s oral care, FIT Cosmetics JSC has been constantly doing research and launching quality product lines in order to meet the needs and thoughts of kids on brushing teeth in the early years of life. In addition to Dr.Clean seahorse toothbrush, FIT Cosmetics is also well-known for many other outstanding toothbrush lines, match with all children’s tastes such as Dr. Kool seahorse, Dr. Kool Panda Pro Gold, Pro Silver. In the coming time, with the strong investment from the FIT parent company, FIT Cosmetics will keep on doing research to improve the quality of current products as well as develop more diversified new product lines with outstanding features and superiority, enable FIT Cosmetics to affirm its name and prestige in the Vietnamese market, complete the mission of connecting and improving the lives of Vietnamese people.