DCL redesigns to give PABEMIN 325 a fresh new look

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27 September, 2018
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This October, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical will change the appearance of Pabemin 325 with a new packaging design and better packaging materials to ensure quality as well as its taste.

Pabemin 325 is a product of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company which is used for children and prescribed for the treatment of mild to moderate fever, cough, runny nose. This is one of the medicines that has been on the market for more than 20 years, manufactured on modern lines imported from Canada and Korea and received much trust by doctors, pharmacists and customers across the country.

Pabemin’s new packaging will be released in October

With the determination to bring to customers and partners the best benefits from the product, in October 2018, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical will present Pabemin 325’s new look to the market with new and more beautiful design, better packaging material, thereby contribute to maintaining and ensuring the taste and quality of the medicine. This change once again confirms the efforts of Cuu Long to continuously improve the quality of products and help Cuu Long step by step upgrade its position and brand in the Vietnam pharmaceutical market.

Since becoming a subsidiary of FIT Group, receiving investment and strategic planning from FIT parent company, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has become more and more familiar with consumers, pharmacies and major hospitals in the provinces of Vietnam. With a focus on investing in modern machinery and prioritizing quality products, the Board of Directors and all staffs have been making great efforts to bring Cuu Long to become one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam, to complete the mission of connecting and improving the lives of the Vietnamese community through optimal health care solutions which are highly valued by staff, patients and partners of the company.