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21 November, 2018
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29 November, 2018

On 24-25 of November 2018, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company presented as sponsor of the 2018 Stroke Conference in Ho Chi Minh City with a desire to contribute to the activities related to the improvement of medical examination and treatment of patients, and stroke in particular.

Vietnam now has a young population, but it is expected that in the future, the proportion of people at the age of over 60 will nearly tripled, from 10.7% of the population in 2016 to 27.9% in the year of 2050. This is followed by an increase in the number of people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure which can lead to stroke. Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, affecting 17 million people and responsible for 6.7 million of deaths every year. In Vietnam, more than 200,000 people suffer from stroke in the country every year, making the disease become a major health problem.

Stroke Conference 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City is a scientific conference on stroke. It was taken place at the Gem Center, District 1, HCMC from 24 to 25/11/2018. The conference attracted the participation of hundreds of most prestigious professors, PhDs, doctors and neuroscientists from medical institutions within the country and abroad. At the conference, more than 30 reports were presented, including the latest issues related to stroke such as thrombolytic interventions, intracranial hemorrhage, Patent Foramen Ovale, stem cell therapy for stroke, experiences in using Solumbra technique in stroke treatment, optimizing strokes management in patients with nonvalvular AFib, suffering high risks and comorbidity.

Stroke is one of the complex diseases, reducing the patients’ quality of life, causing burden for families and society. Scientific reports presented at the 2018 Stroke Conference in Ho Chi Minh City involved hot issues, not only useful for medical doctors but also contribute to improving the quality of diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of stroke at health institutions in Vietnam. Therefore, sponsorship of the 2018 Stroke Conference in Ho Chi Minh City was one of the practical actions contributing to promote research in the field of health in general and stroke – neurology in particular, thereby contributing to the improvement of quality of medical examination, assisting medical care and protection for people’s health.

With a long history of over 40 years of development, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has affirmed its brand and prestige by keeping releasing to the market variety of quality products, always taking the lead in activities for the community and for the common development of society. The company has participated in many meaningful activities, such as giving free presents for the poor, visiting and giving gifts to the elderly and disabled children; distributing charity meals for patients. In the coming future, following the strategic planning and direction from FIT parent company, beside the goal of becoming the prestigious pharmaceutical company with highest evaluation from the patients, employees, partners, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical commits to continue involving in more meaningful with bigger scale activities to fulfill the mission of connecting and improving community life through optimal health care solutions. It is the responsibility, the pioneering role of the business in commitment for the community and for society.