Cuu Long Pharmaceutical launches “2018 Panalgan Display”

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13 June, 2018
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14 June, 2018

From 01/04/2018 to 31/12/2018, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company launches the “2018 Panalgan Display” at pharmacies nationwide.

 In order to develop and foster the brand of Panalgan, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has launched “2018 Panalgan Display” which runs from April 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 at pharmacies nationwide.

For Cuu Long Pharmaceutical, the pharmacies are the partners and bridges to bring the company’s products to consumers, thereby contributing significantly to the mission of improving and enhancing health of Vietnamese. Therefore, besides putting much efforts to advance and evolve our products, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has been always giving prominence to the respect and dedication not only to our customers but also to our partners nationwide. This expresses our desire to be a Vietnamese pharmaceutical company which is not only highly appreciated by patients and employees, but also appreciated by our partners for innovative and accessible products and services. That is the power motivating the brand of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical to rise and develop to become the leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam.

Apart from promoting and enhancing Panalgan brand, through this “2018 Panalgan Display” this year, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical would like to express the respect, concern and care of the company to its pharmacy partners throughout the country.

Since becoming a member of FIT Group, receiving investment and strategic planning from the parent company, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has been increasingly perfecting its business, customer service and partner care system. As a result, the company has become an increasingly prestigious brand to consumers, pharmacies and hospitals in Vietnam.