Biological Dishwashing Liquid – Gift For The Housewives

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29 August, 2017
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7 September, 2017

Tero biological dishwashing liquid is appreciated by many housewives for quality after they experienced the product. The main reason why they love this type of dishwashing liquid is the safety of the product. Tero contains a 100% natural cleansing enzyme with remarkable features such as cleansing grease and odor right from the first wash, fast foam cleansing speed, no oil on the dish and mild to the skin. This biological dishwashing liquid has won many Vietnamese housewives, making a big impression on customers who try to use the product once.

According to a survey by The Window market research firm, based on a survey of 300 households after using the sample, it found out that 95% of consumers felt that the product did not cause dryness or peeling of the hands, helping to protect the hands for people even with sensitive skin. More than 90% of households have experienced and trusted the ability to remove grease and the odor from the product. In addition, up to 85% of households like the pleasant aroma of green tea and fresh lemon.

Ms. Linh (office worker – Hanoi) showed interest in the product. She said before, she was afraid to wash dishes because the skin of the hands is usually dry and gloves are quite inconvenient for scouring. Since she knew Tero, she has no longer worried because the skin is still soft and there is no dry feeling. This type of dishwashing liquid cleans the grease and smells very quickly even if she uses only a small amount.

Ms. Trang (Housewife, District 7, HCMC) also appreciated the quality of this dishwashing liquid after one week of use. Ms. Trang enjoys safe and natural products and she is reliable on this type of dishwashing liquid. The foam on the plate drifts very quickly even though she only washes, the aroma is light and pleasant and the skin is not dried after washing as many other products.

FIT Consumer claims that Tero is a biological dishwashing liquid with a 100% natural cleansing enzyme; neutral pH level, safe, non-irritating and not dry for skin; dermatologically examined at reputable centers in Vietnam

Moreover, the “army of enzymes” from nature makes fighting with oil stains, sauces, starches easier.

– Proteaza: Supporting rapid cleaning of soil stains on dishes such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, etc.

– Lipaza: Supporting rapid cleaning of grease, oil residues.

– Cenlulaza: Supporting rapid cleaning of foods made of starch.

– Amilaza: Supports rapid cleaning of stains from high fiber foods such as vegetables.

The product is being sold in many supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. With the mission to care for the hands and health of the housewife, Tero will develop more new products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of consumers in the future.