Act for public health, FIT organizes medical examination and treatment, medicine distribution and delivering gifts to 1000 people in Kon Tum

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6 August, 2018
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9 August, 2018

On 28/07/2018, FIT Group has cooperated with MT group to organize the program “Medical examination, medicine distribution and gift giving” for 1000 ethnic minority people in Kon Tum province.

Kon Plong is one of 62 poor districts of Kon Tum province, 80% of the population here are ethnic minorities. Their lives are in precarious and destitute situation, they even do not have the capacity to handle daily activities. Therefore, it is almost impossible for them to take care of health themselves. Due to this reason, FIT Group has cooperated with MT group to carry out the program called “Medical examination, medicine distribution and gift giving” which is free of charge for 1000 compatriots in Ngoc Tem and Hieu communes, Kon Plong District, Kon Tum Province on 28/07/2018.

This charity program “Medical examination, medicine distribution and gift giving” is a very meaningful activity, embracing the message of profound love that FIT Group wants to send to disadvantaged compatriots in Kon Tum. Within a day, nearly 1000 people in two communes: Ngoc Tem and Hieu were provided free medical examinations, given medicines and special medications suitable for each person’s health. At the same time, FIT and MT group also donated 1,000 gifts serving for basic necessities including blankets, dried fish, instant noodles, salt etc., and 500 gifts including some learning tools such as bags, books, pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, rulers, pencil sharpeners and so on for children.

Many people have expressed their gratitude to FIT Group for organizing this meaningful charity program, helping them to have access to medical equipment, health care, and on the other hand, equipping their children with more learning materials to go to school. Through the program “Medical examination, medicine distribution and gift giving” in Kon Tum, FIT volunteers have witnessed the difficult situation of the people in remote areas in Kon Tum province. By that, they have better understanding, sympathy, love and sharing. This is also the deep humanity spirit that FIT Board wants to spread to all FIT staffs and member companies, while affirming the commitment and responsibility of FIT to the community, contributing to the development of the whole society.

From the beginning of 2018 to present, FIT and its subsidiaries have carried out many meaningful activities such as distributing charity meal portions to patients in hospitals in Hanoi, giving gifts to the elders and disabled children in Thuy An, Ba Vi; donating to support the costs of treatment for two children with cancer at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion; visiting and delivering gifts on the occasion of Tet for the elders in Soc Son and Phu Binh (in Thai Nguyen) leper colonies. In the near future, FIT and its member companies will continue to implement more meaningful volunteer programs with the expectation to share more with the difficult circumstances in the local community, together to develop a better and sustainable community.