Vikoda – the Vietnamese brand – for Vietnamese people

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19 November, 2019
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22 November, 2019

With the desire to bring quality products to the Vietnamese community, VIKODA mineral water of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company is gradually asserting its position with consumers to create a Vietnamese brand – for Vietnamese people
Clean water plays a very important role in the human body, because water accounts for 70% of body weight. Therefore, the use of clean water in daily life is a decisive factor to the health of each person and the whole community.
With the mission of empowering Vietnamese products and especially for the health of consumers, Vikoda always try the best for the healthy community and the health development. Stemming from that aspiration, Vikoda always wants to bring to consumers products which are natural origin and especially good for the health of Vietnamese people.
Vikoda’s mineral water contains special minerals such as Ca, Na, K, Mg … which are good for consumers’ health as well as digestive system. With a variety of capacities from 350ml to 19L, Vikoda’s products always aim to satisfy the needs of customers and bring health to the whole community.

According to published studies, alkaline mineral water with high PH will neutralize acids in the body, prevent the growth of cancer cells, destroy excess free radicals, support prevention and treatment. Therefore, drinking mineral water will be much better than regular drinking water.
With more than 40 years of developing, by launching health-friendly products with highlights such as being exploited at a depth of 220m in the ground, the tap temperature reaches 72 degrees Celsius PH 8.5 standard and especially is bottled right at the source as prescribed by the Ministry of Health.
In order to have the achievement as today, the leaders and employees of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company always identify a clear direction, which is concretized by the goals and core values through the development of the company in order to realize the desire and aspiration of building a strong Vietnamese brand, being able to compete with major international brands, reaching out to the world and especially for the health of the Vietnamese community.
Especially since becoming a member of FIT Group, with strong investment from the parent company, Vikoda gained the first achievement of the restructuring process, gradually asserting its position. to become one of the leading beverage companies in Vietnam.