The washing liquid Tero – the best choice of Vietnamese consumers

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22 November, 2019
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Washing clothes is a familiar job, but not simple. Using directly the washing powder or washing liquid can damage the skin of women. In addition, for many families who have a habit of using washing powder, the risk of remaining the washing powder may cause dermatitis or respiratory infection is very high. Therefore, what is the solution to ensure the clean wash feature without damaging the hands or the fabric and still bring economic efficiency?

Contrary to the perception that the more bubbles a detergent produces, the stronger its ability to disperse dirt, there are many tests have proved there is no association between the amount of foam and the quality of washing. In fact, washing detergents with lots of foam, even though rinsing through many times, are still very difficult to completely clean. Therefore, it is not only wasting time but also wasting water, beside that after washing, if the washing foam still remains on clothes, it will cause hardening, fiber corrosion. In addition, it could cause dermatitis, skin irritation, respiratory inflammation and especially bring uncomfortable to people.

Overcoming many disadvantages of washing powder but still ensuring to deliver outstanding performance, meeting the stringent requirements set by consumers, FIT Cosmetics has researched and developed the washing liquid – Tero neutral detergent. This product is able to dissolve quickly in water, easily penetrates deeply into each fabric, helping the process of “softening” and dislodging stains faster and more effectively. When using washing liquid will not leave white streaks, damaging the fabric and losing aesthetics when wearing.

With the application of Ultra Clean technology, 3 times the cleaning power saves time whether it is hand washing or washing machine, clothes are always clean as new. Tero with the message “Protect hands – Clean as new” successfully overcome the litmus test with pH = 7, demonstrating absolute safety for your hands. safety of Tero washing water is shown at pH = 7 (equivalent to the pH of pure water), completely makes you feel secure and comfortable when touching your hands directly.

The washing liquid Tero has developed by CP FIT Cosmetics Company, which has full advantages of washing liquid: clean, non-harmful to the skin and economical. Moreover, neutral detergent TERO has a “soft” price compared to the market, so it is guaranteed to bring economic benefits for homemakers than choosing detergent.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of cosmetics, with the desire to bring to consumers products that not only CLEAN but also SAFETY, FIT Cosmetics has been researching and bringing the quality products, health protection for consumers, follow the Fit’s mission is connecting and improving the lives of Vietnamese consumers through products and services