Subsidiaries & Affiliates

14 November, 2017

Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Join Stock Company

F.I.T holds 65% of total shares of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC (DCL) Establised in 1976, so far, with distribution network across the country and 03 modern […]
12 November, 2017

Benovas Cancer Drugs Joint Stock Company

On March 3, 2017, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DCL) has contributed capital with the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) to establish Benovas Cancer Drugs […]
12 November, 2017

Can Tho Techno – Agricultural Supplying Join Stock Company

F.I.T holds 75% of total shares of Can Tho Techno – Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock Company (TSC) Established in 1976, so far, with thousands of agents, […]
10 November, 2017

Westfood Exporting and Processing JSC

TSC holds 95.5% of total shares of Westfood Exporting and Processing JSC. Established in 1992, specializes in manufacturing and exporting canned and frozen vegetables products, Westfood […]
28 August, 2017

F.I.T Cosmetics Join Stock Company

It was formerly known as Sao Nam Manufacturing Trading and Service Joint Stock Company, established on 22/12/2009. After many years of operation, the company has grown […]
27 August, 2017

Today Cosmetics Join Stock Company

Being processing partner for well-known brands such as Double Rich, Romano, Enchanteur, Dr.Clean, Rosy … – familiar and famous products in Vietnam market, Today Cosmetics JSC […]
26 August, 2017

Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Join Stock Company (Vikoda) – F.I.T Beverage

Dien Khanh mineral water factory was established on 19/01/1990, bottled at the source of natural mineral water Danh Thanh hamlet, Tan Dien Commune, Dien Khanh District, […]
25 August, 2017

F.I.T Land Join Stock Company

Real estate is one of the areas with high growth potential as well as great potential for profit. Established on 11/07/2016, F.I.T. Real Estate Investment Joint […]