Dr Kool Herbal First Launching

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 3, 04/07/2017

FIT Consumer launched Dr.Kool Herbal with the goal of achieving VND 8 billion in sales, which accounts for 15% of brand Dr.Kool’s sales in 2017.

 In current circumstances, the diverse food leads to an increasing demand in eating, drive hundreds of bacteria causing bad breath and disrupt tooth enamel degradation. "Strong teeth - Healthy Gums" is the most concern of consumers to choose a toothpaste. For that reason, in July 2017, FIT Consumer launched Dr. Kool Herbal toothpaste which specialized in protecting gums with outstanding ingredients and superior effect comparing to other products.

Dr. Kool Bamboo Salt with ionic salts and minerals from bamboo is baked 9 times in bamboo tube at 1000 degrees, which improves the cleansing capacity 3 times comparing to normal salt.    

Dr. Kool Bamboo Charcoal contains activated carbon that removes and clean plaque for shiny teeth.

Dr. Kool Herbal Aloe Vera contains Aloe Vera extract that help preventing canker sore, cleansing the bacteria causing bad breath. With Korean technology and familiar natural materials, Dr. Kool Herbal is expected to help the brand Dr. Kool to be one of the most favourable toothpaste brand in the market.

With a dedicated team of staff, along with a serious investment in image and product quality, together with strong financial support from F.I.T Group, FIT Consumer is expanding its market and step by step get a position in the market.