Mr. LE XUAN VU- Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of FIT Group

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 4, 12/04/2017

In the apparatus of corporate management, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a very important position. It is the head of the apparatus of financial management in charge of financial planning, mining and use effectively financial resources, warning of the risk, financial risks for enterprises through analyze and make reliable forecasts in the future.

Therefore FIT Group this month will write one of the important kernel will contribute significantly in strengthening the strong position of FIT, which is Mr. Le Xuan Vu – FIT Group CFO

Mr. Le Xuan Vu was born in 1973, graduated BA in National Economics University, awarded a Masters of Business of specialized accounting professional of Victoria Technology University in Australia.  With experience in the financial sector, before joining FIT he took many  important positions in large companies such as Chief Financial Officer for Shell Gas (LPG) Vietnam & Shell Gas Hai Phong; Monitoring financial forecasts for Ford Vietnam; CFO commercial for T & T Group ....

Although newly joined to FIT Group, but with previous working experience and understanding of the field of accounting management, risk analysis, accounting, tax, ... Vu made many strategical advice to t CEO, Board of Directors related to financial sector such as optimization governance structure, budgeting and risk management .... "When I joined FIT, I had plans to build and coach financial officer in order to improve skills and professional ability of finance management for FIT Group subsidiaries. Besides gradually establish processes and rules to application to enhance budget control to optimize  company  resources for the most effective way "- Vu said.

For all companies, the cash flow is such as blood flow feeding the body so building finance staff more professional with standardized processes and regulations  will contribute for the strong foundation of a company. Therefore, the efforts which Mr. Le Xuan Vu implemeting will present a significant contribution to the sustainable development of FIT in the future.