Tero is the first brand to launch both laundry washing and fabric softener product to market

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 3, 04/04/2017

Following the success of product branded Tero, FIT Consumer continue to launch new products as Tero fabric softener along with Tero laundry product recently launched in February 2017. Thus, it will be first laundry and fabric softener in the market with same brand - Tero.

Fabric softener has been researched and developed by FIT Consumer R&D Team based on the understanding of consumers need which do not want their clothes get tough after multiple washing and give discomfortable wearing. So Tero fabric softener used Ultra Soft osmosis on the fabric, which helps to give the smooth like new clothes, while grain the aromatic fragrance kept during 07 days.

With the completion and launch of those products, Tero desired product lines convey the message "Protect hands - even as new clean and soft like new" to all Vietnamese consumers. This message also expressed general orientation that FIT Consumer wants to towards product line Tero: it gives product quality, shown the orientation of the product quality but clean safe and protect the health of consumers.

Tero has contributed to enrich the "blue planet of Tero" that FIT Consumer is targeting, including dishwasher biology ưater, water neutral cleaning and Fabric softener. Through named Tero - means "Earth" - FIT Consumer wishes to convey to that mission: application of green technology to make products to protect the health of consumers, environmental protection and protect our blue planet.

With the objective of Tero brand to be in the top 5 of Home Care sector in Vietnam in next 5 years, FIT Consumer will attempt to nurture their products, and continuous to research new products to add to Safety Clean product list. This is also the direction of sustainable development and long-term in particular of FIT Consumer and FIT Group in general, contribute to the development of society and enhance Vietnamese brand.