FIT Consumer has launched Tero neutral wahsing water

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 2, 13/02/2017

Following the success of Tero biological dishwater, FIT Consumer continues to launch Tero neutral washing water with the aim to expand market share in the home care sector (Home Care).

Continuing the mission to create product lines which is clean, safe for human and environment, Tero neutral washing water was launched with the message "Protect your hands, being clean as new". Outstanding features of the cleaning water is  pH 7 that is safe and not harmful to the skin when washing by hands and 3x Ultra Clean technology than conventional detergents will help consumers feel secure for taking care of family.

Tero neutral washing water continues to send the message to consumers that are the hallmarks GREEN line of products branded Tero. Tero is from a country rooted in Latin, means "Earth" with the desire to give birth to products not only help but also SAFE CLEANING, the application of green technology products to make sure protection of consumer health, environmental protection and for a green planet.

To introduce and promote widely market from rural to urban areas, in future, FIT Consumer will expand distribution in 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Along with a team of over 400 sales staff nationwide will carry the product to the customers, FIT Consumer desired the CLEAN SAFE concept will always go along with Tero brand in the minds of consumers. This is also the objective and long-term vision of FIT Consumer particular and  FIT Group generally in raising Vietnamese brand.

Launching Tero to market since June of 2016, Tero brand continues to expand the market withTero Neutral Washing Water. This product is also expected to contribute to the realizing goal of Tero brand within next 5 years to become a Top 5 brand in Vietnam detergent industry. In near future the company will continue to develop environment friendly product line in order to bring benefits to both consumers and society.

The launch of green, clean, safe and environmentally friendly the product line is strategic goals that FIT Consumer place to contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises. It is also the direction that FIT Group set for the whole group in particular and in general, for the sustainable development of the community and enhancing Vietnamese brand.