Mr. NGUYEN BA THE - Marketing director of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 3, 27/09/2016

FIT Group Forum this time is back with new faces has joined FIT family: Mr. Nguyen Ba The - Marketing Director of DCL, a member of FIT.

Graduated from the Hanoi Medical University in 1995, up to this point he has 20 years of experience as sales and marketing manager at leading pharmaceutical companies such as: Takeda (Japan); Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany), GlaxoSmithKline - GSK (UK); MSD (United States).

Each challenge in many multi-national companies with many cultural differences, working styles, but he always shows his ability are suitable for all environments and left an imprint on his position. Assumed many different marketing positions for 6 years at GlaxoSmithKline, he worked together with his brand development Seretide become market-leading products for asthma, generated double-digit growth of the antibiotics, as well as thorough preparation for product launch success AVAMYS.

Time working at Boehringer Ingelheim (2012-2014), he took over the position of Sales and Marketing Director nationwide - OTC Products. He directly administer and manage sales activities, trade marketing, developing strategic projects for OTC products. This period, OTC products he managed to contribute to 56% of total revenue and grew 17% of Boehringer.

Joined FIT since March 2016 with the position of Marketing Director of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Mr. Nguyen Ba The has always expressed his enthusiasm at work. Very open, he had to share interesting facts about the first 3 months of becoming a member of FIT Group.

Joined DCL during the period are much changed markedly with the direction from the parent company as FIT, do you feel challenges?

DCL is a long-standing organization is entering move vigorously phase. For a long history company, the change is sure to put a lot of high expectations for both organizations as well as individuals, and the expectations of the Board of Directors is also challenging.

One of the problems I see need little time to process that is currently DCL have too many products, including 3 main business lines with hundreds of products being marketed. Each product has customers, and different strategies, so that the marketing methods are also different.

Thus, we can see that there are many things that await you to settle. So where is the work you will start immediately as Marketing Director?

I found that the need to do first is to support improving sales team quality. Our staff is very diligent, but they need to be retrofitted on product knowledge, sales skills should be supported as well as the necessary marketing tools (POSM) to reach customers efficiently and best. I also support the sales team on how to communicate the objectives and management of sales / customers effectively. Besides, it should create incentives for sales team through programs promoting emulation and rewarding policy.

Three months is not yet a long time, but it must have initial results make you happy?

As I said, DCL has too many products, but until now the team has shaped marketing potential products, need to focus on investment. That is the result of focused on research, analyze, evaluate meticulously each product line, as well as the strategic goals of the company. I believe this is the basis, the core platform enables marketing activities, in DCL it is operating smoothly and efficiently in the future.

Also my understanding on drug registration is also more advanced. For the process of transformation of DCL, I myself had the initial effect on the change of the organization.

So, what are the goals that you set for yourself and your marketing team in the near future?

I always believe: "The quality of people is not in the words which lies in the quality of the products that the man-made". So, first I want to focus on investment in the development of potential products, these products eliminate small, but potentially less costly to manage. Meanwhile, the reputation of DCL will be raised to a new level.

In the long term, I want to build DCL become a major brand, strong, became the workplace makes people feel honored and proud.

It was found that you had actually started working with success thinking - one of the core ideas of FIT?

Yes. Although in the environment or organization, I always believe it should work as if they were his family. Therefore, I must succeed, a new contribution to the family. Of course, I can not achieve great success if alone. No one is perfect, you should always know I need to learn, to do something, to those who support. 3 months is not too much to say, but we are still struggling for the immediate good results.

Thank you and wish you and marketing team will achieve goals and contribute to the development of DCL and FIT!