MR HO VAN BAO - R & D director of FIT Consumer

Ngày đăng tin: Thứ 4, 09/11/2016

FIT Group Forum this time will introduce one of the important pieces in the strategic development of the beverage products of Vikoda and FIT Consumer. He is Mr. Ho Van Bao - R & D Director of FIT Consumer.

Marking with pioneering products

Prior to joining FIT Consumer in his capacity as R & D Director - array of drinks, Mr. Ho Van Bao has more than 15 years to assume the same position in many large enterprises in this field such as THP, Masan, Wonderfarm, Nafoods ... At the previous groups, he was responsible for managing research and development of new products, catch the market, helping to create benefits for both the community and businesses. He is an important contributor to the success of a lot of typical products made by brand of THP and Masan ...

His marks were attached products with pioneering, create breakthroughs in the market. First success can not fail is the development and launch brands Green Tea 0 degree - first bottled green tea products in Vietnam, which later led to the birth of green tea bottled brand series in market. In 2014, the 247 coffee energy drinks which he was responsible for developing also further open up a new trend of drinking water in the market, was strongly welcomed by consumers. This is one of his mark to the position of Head of R & D drinks sector in Masan.

iMen: Starting at FIT Consumer

Become a member of a large family FIT Group from May 9/2015, Bao immediately start his  he began work with the desire to succeed their availability.By taking full advantage of the experience available in production technology, market, customer start his job with his ambition. By using his experience of production technology, market, consumer behavior, after a short time, Bao and his team successfully launched iMen spring tonic, and started getting the attention of consumers.

Share on the reason of choosing energy drinks to add new product categories for Vikoda, Bao said this is the biggest market share in the bottled water segment, has been achieved much love from customers. Therefore, the campaign launch will not take too much marketing costs to reach consumers. However, the product still has to be different and breakthrough compared to the same product, he has developed a new taste for iMen - forest fruit flavor - alongside two familiar taste is golden and strawberry. iMen is the only energy drink on the market bearing fruit flavors forest - one of the key elements to the success of this product initially.

Success with iMen is one of the first brick that Mr. Ho Van Bao and R & D colleagues building goal at FIT Consumer. He said the potential development of the FIT Consumer products are great thanks to the advantage of quality mineral water of Vikoda. Besides, at FIT Consumer, he was approached product development process faster and different than many other businesses. "This has helped the company favorably soon catch up other businesses in the field of product development, but also a challenge to the nine-and requires more precision in the process of research, experimentation, to gives customers the product quality and safest "- he Bao stressed.

Share the opportunity of working for FIT, Bao said his personality saw that FIT which itself always hunger for success. At FIT Consumer, he and his colleagues will continue to aim to create products which is distinctive, groundbreaking and consumers love to bring in revenue and profit for the outstanding of company. Still a lot of projects that R & D he was cherished and deployment, promising to create new breakthroughs for the water products of Vikoda and FIT Consumer, contributing to the brand's Vikoda in particular FIT Consumer as a whole.