Ms. Nguyen Van Oanh – R&D Manager of Today Cosmestic

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13 February, 2017
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21 February, 2017

FIT Group this period will open new year with a conversation with Ms. Nguyen Van Oanh – Head of R & D of Today Cosmetics, in charge of research and development of Tero production line.

Joined Today Cosmetics from May 2/2012, as of now, she has 5 years working in research and development of care products. With the goal to become an R & D professor, Ms. Oanh desire to create products that safe and convenient for consumers with competitive prices, friendly environment, particularly focused and utilize the natural resources from the diversity of Vietnam. The successful Tero biological dishwater also comes from that notion.

Can you share what is idea of Tero biological dishwater development come from?

First, as a woman, I understand that the frequent use of the detergent water is always make women afraid. Therefore, right from the start of work in R & D in Today Cosmetics, I’ve always wanted to apply the natural extract – the result of fermentation technology components from natural grasses – in cleaning washing appliances, make products not only good in terms of performance but also in terms of health safety and environmental friendliness.

Thus, What message you want to send in this product?

Tero sending a lot of humanity message. This is expressed through the slogan called “Safe and Clean”. Tero is from Latin, means “Earth”. I desire to bring green technology applications for SAFE CLEANING, protect the health of consumers, environmental protection, protection of our blue planet. Life is a bit more often, i want this product will help women feel loved more housework.

Tero is first biological dishwater in imarket, so make sure you meet many difficulties in the process of research and product development?

Because ingredients derived from nature so the test results are difficult to be stabilize, and requires conducting multiple tests, tests in individual companies as well as to send samples to test at several centers analyze. Therefore, the research process always requires patience and highest. Meticulous. At the end, the result gained really worthy.

Undergoing development, Today Cosmetics R & D o has succeeded in creating a dishwater product which capable of cleansing fast but safe not harm hands, safe for the health of consumers. This is exactly what my most favorite product.

Tero just launch to market but received positive feedback from end useres. Do you feel happy?

Sure. Not only fun, but this is also a great motivation for me continuing to deepen research, improve other products based on the same principle.

Thus, after the success of Tero biological dishwater, do you plans to develop other products branded Tero?

Apart dishwater, in time to Tero will launch more friendly products for cleaners such as washing water, detergent water versatile line of cleaning products for your baby. I hope consumers will continue to embrace and love Tero brand.

Share a little more about the target in 2017, after Tero brand, do you plan to develop another new products?

In 2017, in addition Tero, I also plan to develop additional aerosol applications technology – a strength of the company for personal care to optimize the capacity of Today Cosmetics plant.

Thank you and wish you a very successful year!