Monthly IR Newsletter in Oct 2019
4 November, 2019
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11 November, 2019

The Health Care Program in Kontum is a regular program that FIT Group and its affiliates set top priority on the Group’s corporate social responsibility programs.

In November 2019, FIT Group, MT team and Tu Hue Voluntary Association implemented the program “Medical examination, medicine giving, gift giving” for 500 people, 150 students in Dak Pxi commune and 500 people, 150 students from Đăk Hring, Đăk Tô District, KonTum Province.

The communes of Dak Pxi and Dak Hring in Kon Tum province are remote village where ethnic minority people are particularly poverty. With severe weather condition, caused landslides in the rainy season and drought in the summer, therefore living and working in this condition, the people here mainly live by growing corn, cassava and raising cattle and poultry.

The children here are very studious, but because of their family circumstances, they have to help their parents with many jobs, suffering from physical and spiritual disadvantages. The only way to go to school is that they have to cross the rugged, winding and rugged roads.

During the whole trip with 2 locations in Kon Tum, the program carried out 450 tests, 51 ECG cases, 155 ultrasound cases, 120 gynecological examinations, 898 prescriptions and 792 gifts for adults. and 396 gifts for children.

After the program, the poor people in Kontum were happy with the results of a medical examination, prescriptions with thoughtful instructions, shirts or blankets for the upcoming winter … with love is spreading by the program and the volunteers.

As an enterprise that always upholds responsibility for the sustainable development of society, FIT and its affiliates always fulfill their commitments through meaningful philanthropy activities, helping to improve life of Vietnamese people. And the medical examination and treatment for poor people in remote areas is one of the regular programs that FIT Group always attaches importance to and accompanies.

In the coming time, FIT and its member companies will continue to step up their participation in larger-scale activities, to contribute to the overall development of society.