FIT Cosmetics: Rosy Room Spray – Convenient solution for modern life

June 2018 IR Newsletter
5 July, 2018
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13 July, 2018

Rosy room spray – a powerful tool for the ladies to deodorize inside the car or the room of the house, is an effective solution to take care of family in today’s modern life. .

Nowadays, room spray is not unfamiliar to families. Especially in modern life when women are always busy, keep worried about work, family and social relationships, the use room spray is considered convenient solution providing many useful effects to take care of your home every day. Rosy Room Spray from FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company has become a favorite product of many consumers by the following outstanding effects:

Instantly freshen your home and fill every room with cool air

Harmful bacteria and molds existing in the air can cause respiratory illnesses for the whole family. Made from natural fragrance, Rosy Room Spray will effectively reduce the odors, protect your health, bring fresh air and fill your home with pleasant scent.

Rosy Room Spray currently has two of the most popular fragrances in the market: Cherry (Cherry Blossom); Rose (French Rose)

 Natural ingredients, safe for health

Produced with modern technology with natural ingredients, Rosy Room Spray is extremely safe for health and is a good assistant in protecting lives of all family members.

Flexible and easy to use

Rosy Room Spray are very flexible and easy to use, especially in the busy life of modern women today. In addition to fitting with living space in the family, office work, Rosy Room Spray is also specially designed to use conveniently in cars, in order to deodorize cars effectively, freshen the air inside and create a pleasant atmosphere only after a few minutes.

With the desire to connect and improve the health of Vietnamese consumers, FIT Cosmetics has been making continuous efforts in product research and development to provide consumers with a wide range of superior value products and services. Moreover, with the investment and strategic planning from parent company FIT, FIT Cosmetics products are increasingly gaining trust from consumers, supporting FIT Cosmetics to achieve the goal of becoming Top 05 leading companies in the fast-moving industries as in the same direction as the parent company FIT.