Vikoda AGM: starting with positive signals in 2019
5 April, 2019
FIT and group members sponsored for the medical examination, giving medicine and gift charity program in Lam Dong
17 April, 2019

From 06 – 07 April 2019, FIT Cosmetics participated in event “Ho Chi Minh City Public Health Festival 2019” at Youth Cultural House, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

With the success and the spread of the first Public Health Festival in 2018, this year, the festival is held for two days in relating to the World Health Day (April 7, 2019), attracting about 15,000 participants, mainly elderly, women and young people who almost living in Ho Chi Minh City, with 2 areas of specialized activities: Health care area for elderly nutrition and health care area nutrition and beauty for mother and baby. Highlight activities of the festival: Health examination and counseling; measure and advise health indicators, nutrition, calcium, osteoporosis, blood sugar, blood pressure; beauty advice – beauty care; seminars on health – nutrition, folk games for children, nutrition training, giving poor gifts, displaying and introducing health products and services.

Being a member of Ho Chi Minh Public Health Festival 2019, FIT Cosmetics has consulted participants about knowledge of personal care as well as knowledge about family care, especially directing consumers to the use of safe product with good for health and environmental protection. These are the product lines that FIT Cosmetics is always aiming, with outstanding products such as Tero dishwashing liquid, Tero flusher and other product lines. By participating in the program, FIT Cosmetics not only affirms the quality of the company’s products but also expresses the interest and awareness of businesses on consumers’ health as well as the responsibility for development of society.

With the guideline from FIT Group, FIT Cosmetics and companies in the group always focus on participating in community activities to improve the health of Vietnamese consumers. Besides, the group also participate in implementation of meaningful charitable programs such as Free Medical Examination for poor people, giving charity meals to poor patients at some major hospitals in Hanoi and many other social programs. In future, FIT Group in general and FIT Cosmetics in particular will continue to make efforts to research and develop to bring quality and safe products to users’ health as well as environmental friendly. At the same time, we continue to participate in charitable activities to fulfill the mission of connecting and taking care of Vietnamese health as the strategy that the group targeted.