FIT Cosmetics launches New 5 Effect Dr.Kool – Optimal product for Vietnamese families.

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9 November, 2017
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14 November, 2017

FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company has launched the new 5 effect Dr. Kool toothpaste. With the launch of this new line, FIT Cosmetics is gradually realizing its expectation that over the next five years Dr. Kool will enter the top three toothpaste brands as well as becoming the most diverse toothpaste brand in the market segments and users.

Continuous improvement has long been a staple that FIT Cosmetics has pursued in its new product development strategy. In addition to the Dr. Kool toothpaste products varying in types and effects such as: Dr.Kool Bamboo salt improves the bacteria cleaning ability to 3 times, Dr.Kool Bamboo charcoal removes plaque for shiny teeth, Dr. Kool Aloe vera helps to clean the bacteria that harm the natural fresh breath, DR Kool is also known for its age-appropriate products such as Dr. Kool Junior containing 100% Xylitol to enhance the antibacteria to prevent tooth decay effectively is the toothpaste for children.

Not stopping there, FIT Cosmetics has developed a line of toothpaste that works best for both adults and children. It is a toothpaste that prevents tooth decay with 5 effects, complementary to each other, scientifically and fully combined for bright and strong teeth.

5 effect Dr. Kool products are produced on modern lines with Korean technology and special formula, which brightens your teeth naturally and combines with mint and herbal scent for the fresh breath during a long active day. The composition of 5 effect Dr.Kool contains Nano-zinc and Flour – penetrating into the enamel and forming fluoroapatite, making teeth stronger and less corrosive by acids, helping to prevent tooth decay. At the same time, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate in 5 effect Dr.Kool’s new formula helps prevent gum problems, thereby reducing the formation of tartar and plaque and keeping your teeth healthy.

With this initial launching, FIT Cosmetics has started a promotion: buying a box of toothpaste 5 effect Dr.Kool will be rewarded with 01 toothbrush type 365.

In the launch of this new product, FIT Cosmetics’ BOD’s representative said: “In the process of research and development of consumer products, we are always concerned about how to create the best product lines, which can be used for the whole family. As with the toothpaste line, while other products in the market have only 3 effects and only for adults, 5 effect Dr.Kool has a remarkable impact, the special feature of this new product is the non-spicy formula combined with menthol mint and herbs suitable for children. So, 5 effect Dr.Kool product has helped us to fulfill our desires. ”

With the orientation of FIT parent company, FIT Cosmetics will continue to research and launch the most essential product lines with the best effect to serve the needs of Vietnamese consumers, contributing to raising the Vietnamese brand name and becoming a close friend of all families.