FCO: Giving gifts to highland children at Sao Mai Kindergarten, Bo Mon school site, Bo Mon village, Tu Nang commune, Yen Chau, Son La

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13 June, 2019
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FIT Cosmetics (FCO) donated gifts to the children at school on the occasion of Sao Mai Kindergarten’s Opening Day, Bo Mon school site, Bo Mon Village, Tu Nang Commune, Yen Chau, Son La, organized by the Dong Ngon MT team.

Previously, the classes of Sao Mai Kindergarten, Bo Mon school site, Bo Mon village, Tu Nang commune, Yen Chau, Son La – were assembled with broken pieces of planks in front and at the back. Children were suffered from rain and sun many times. After a period of calling from benefactors and Dong Ngon MT, “Dream School” of teachers, people in the village, and of the innocent students have been completed that has helped them to have a safe and stable “take the word” place and helped confidential teachers to reduce difficulties, hardship when they did not only teach but also worried about the collapse of the school before.

Sympathizing with the difficulties of the highland school, FCO participated in donating gifts to the children at the school, thereby giving more energy and confidence to the children to strive for and overcome difficulties to rise in life, through the Dong Ngon MT group.

FIT group is aware of the development of the business is always associated with the development of the community, during the past years, FIT Group and its subsidiaries always focus on implementing their social responsibilities through many meaningful and typical activities such as charity meals for patients at hospitals in Hanoi; giving gifts to the elderly and disabled children in Thuy An and Ba Vi. They also visit and give Tet gifts to the people at Phong Phu Binh, Thai Nguyen and Soc Son maple center. Besides, a father and a kid at Central Institute of Hematology who got a cancer were supported treatment costs and autistic children with talent for painting were donated as well. In the coming time, FIT and its member companies are going to continuously implement more meaningful programs which contribute to build a more sustainable community.