Dr.Clean – One of the product lines that build the brand name of FIT Cosmetics

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With a history of more than 10 years, Dr.Clean has made a great contribution to conquering process towards the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market of FIT Cosmetics.

Dr.Clean is one of the pioneer and most famous products of FIT Cosmetics. Having presented for more than 10 years in Vietnam market, Dr.Clean has had a firm position and increasingly developed to be a strong brand in the field of personal care and won the consumers’ hearts thank to many outstanding features with the ability to remove to 99.99% harmful bacteria on the hand skin, especially E. coli which causes diarrhea.

Deeply understanding that the quality of products is the key factor to gain the trust of consumers, in the past years, FIT Cosmetics regularly perform periodic and thematic surveys to help control quality strictly, ensure the quality of finished product to be stable and meet the standard; to identify and respond timely and at the best extent to the demand and taste of consumers. That is also the secret that helps Dr.Clean brand names to be strengthened in the minds of consumers, helping FIT Cosmetics stand firmly in the market of handwashing in recent years. FIT Cosmetics has been continuously researching and diversifying the Dr.Clean range of products, including the release of the Dr.Clean Bio-Cleanse Handgel with advanced BioClean technology containing 100 % bio-enzyme extracted from Nano Cucurmin and pH = 7.0, which helps to protect the health, balance and softness of the skin. After launching in the market, Dr.Clean’s bio hand gel quickly won the hearts of consumers and became one of the most popular products of FIT Cosmetics.

Dr.Clean Bio-Cleanser with 3 scents: strawberry, apple and melon

Not only variety in product lines, has Dr.Clean added a variety of aromas. The handwashing gel has added 2 more unique scents which are incense flower and coconut milk beside its traditional scents including apple, apricot, lemon, strawberry and grapes. On the other hand, the Bio Handgel has added new fresh flavor of melon in addition to two scents that had introduced when launching including apple and strawberry so the consumers has variety of choices. Moreover, Dr.Clean products are also marketed in a variety of capacities, meeting all the demands of consumers such as 1L, 4L, 500ml, 500g, 200ml, therefore it is suitable to use everywhere, from at home to work place, school, etc.

Dr.Clean with different scents and volumes for the user

In the past, the sustainable development of the Dr.Clean brand is one of the important preconditions for bringing FIT Cosmetics closer to its goal of becoming a leading consumer goods company in the Home & Personal care sector in Vietnam. With all efforts, the Board of Directors and all FIT Cosmetics staffs will continue to do research and launch more valuable products, helping FIT Cosmetics complete its mission of connecting and protecting life of consumers as parent company – FIT Group has oriented.