Real Estate Services

Investment Consulting Services
11 February, 2015

With a team of experienced professionals in Real Estate Sector, F.I.T is ready to provide real estate-related services that gain the best benefits to customers. F.I.T’s real estate services include:

– Directly participating in Real Estate Investment

– Developing independent real estate projects

– Real Estate Consultancy Services: Real estate financial consultancy, real estate trading, buying, selling and renting property.

– Real estate trading floor management services: Managing and using customers’ properties in accordance with their functions and designs

– Services on Real estate valuation

– Capital arrangement services for real estate projects:

+ To guarantee credits arrangement for customers’ real estate investment and business projects with the most optimal conditions.

+To receive funding with competitive interest rates, minimizing actual costs for loans, processing in quick and convenient way to improve project investment efficiency.

+ To ensure stability of capital source for the project as well as timely and effective support.

– Services on Real estate brokerage:

+ Looking for partners to meet the conditions of customers to participate in negotiating and signing contracts

+ Acting as an authorized representative to carry out the negotiation and signing contracts for purchasing, selling, transferring, leasing and renting real estate

+ Providing information and support for the parties in negotiating and signing a contract of buying, selling, transferring, leasing and renting real estate.

– Real estate investment cooperation: Cooperate with partners to jointly invest in real estate projects in variety of flexible and beneficial forms for all parties.

– Services on Real estate Repo (Capital financing for corporates and individuals, etc.)

– Services on management and exploitation of office floors (renting, leasing offices, etc.).