Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Join Stock Company

Benovas Cancer Drugs Joint Stock Company
12 November, 2017

F.I.T holds 65% of total shares of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC (DCL)

Establised in 1976, so far, with distribution network across the country and 03 modern Medicine Manufactoring Factories (GMP-WHO), Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC (DCL) is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam. DCL supply medicines, vitamins, medical equipment, injection pump, Infusion … specially, in Vietnam, only DCL manufacture and supply all types of capsule products (empty hard capsules).

DCL aims to become the number one company in supplying conventional and proprietary medicines, empty hard capsules products and medical devices.

Listed on the HCM Stock Exchange (HSX) with code of DCL from 17/09/2008, DCLhas attracted the interest of investors, shareholders, partners and customers.


  • To connect and improve the live of our community through superior healthy solutions.


  • Be the most valued Vietnamese pharma company by our patients, employees and partners for greatest innovation, accessibility and caring products and services.

Core Value:

  • We understand that, the success of any business is rooted in the core values ​​of that business. Since becoming a member of the FIT Group, with a strategic orientation from the parent company, DCL has built its core values, which is the guiding principle for the Board of Directors and All the staffs of the company are concentrating on building the company to become a prestigious pharmaceutical company, evaluated by patients, employees and partners.

DCL’s strategy focuses on 03 core elements:

  • Business: Focus on supply proprietary medicines; M & A in the sector to increase the value chain; Promote distribution system; Development R & D –forcus on research and develop proprietary medicines; Improve production processes – reducing costs; Develop appropriate corporate culture and the core values ​​of  F.I.T
  • Finance: Promote the administration of cash flow cycle (Account receivable– Account Payable – Cash – Inventory); Improve capital structure.
  • Human Resource: Recruitment of top professionals in the industry; Training and development human resource.